Kaddish L'kol Kadosh

The Israeli Kaddish project of the "Hesed Haim Ve'emet" organization

Simchat Torah 5784. Shabbat, 7.10.23. Since the outbreak of the war each and every one of us has lost 1350 brothers and sisters. 
So many names, so many neshamas, so many stories. How can we make sure to remember them all?
The Kaddish L’kol Kadosh project of the “Hesed Haim Ve’emet” organization in collaboration with “Unity in Action”:
Every day during the coming year Kaddish will be said for each of the fallen, every day, without a break and without forgetting the very Jewish memorial prayer – the Kaddish.

534 families need your Kaddish!

A stirring project in memory of those murdered on 7/10: “Kaddish L’kol Kadosh”.

1350 people have been murdered since Simchat Torah on 7/10 and during the course of the Swords of Iron War. The “Hesed Haim Ve’emet” organization is appealing to the public to recruit people who will undertake the mitzvah of Kaddish for one year for each and every one of the murdered: civilians, IDF soldiers and security forces.

קדיש לכל קדוש
The Kaddish L’kol Kadosh memorial project connects between volunteers and the war victims, through the recital of Kaddish throughout the year. As a direct continuation of this connection, we aim to bring together the volunteers and the families of the fallen and present the families with a commemorative display.

The display tangibly expresses the recital of Kaddish and connects between different sectors of Israeli society.

Dror David Amos, chairman of the “Heseh Haim Ve’emet” organization, in collaboration with “Unity in Action”:

In recent weeks, we have accompanied more than 950 families of civilians and fallen soldiers who were murdered in the attack. Many of them asked us to help them with the mitzvah of Kaddish during the year of mourning. We decided to comply with their request and say Kaddish for all the victims of 7/10: civilians, soldiers and security forces. I am sure that the people of Israel, revealed in all their glory during this war, will embrace these families and say Kaddish in memory of all those murdered.”

So far, the organization has harnessed in 816 people who have undertaken the obligation to say Kaddish for a victim over the course of the year. Now we are appealing to the public to adopt the remaining 534 civilians and soldiers to ensure the observance of the Kaddish mitzvah: “Whoever undertakes this mitzvah, will learn the life story of the victim, and thus sustain the life and death story of this person.”

יו"ר הארגון דרור דויד עמוס
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We appeal to you to join this touching initiative.

“The Kaddish is a long-lasting way of commemorating, that helps us fight against oblivion.
A person who says Kaddish every day,
in addition to performing good deeds in memory of the deceased throughout the year,
will remember the murdered person not only this year but throughout his life,”
says Rabbi Avraham Greenboim, Head of Nehora Institutions and one of the initiators of “Unity in Action”.

חסד חיים ואמת

Receive the name of a fallen soldier or deceased person to say Kaddish

חסד חיים ואמת

קבל שם חלל או נפטר לאמירת קדיש